Saturday, 1 March 2014

Reunion Tips - Venue

We were lucky to be able to use The Old Coach House which had been originally built by a branch of the family for their home. The home had been demolished, but the coach house had remained and was now part of the local Technical College.

It had multiple levels both indoors and outside which was a bit of a disadvantage, but we made the most of it. The multiple entrances meant the doorways could be left open and things didn't get crowded. The BBQ and the dancers all took place out in this flat area.

The play area was great and we utilised the stairs to take the group photos. There was lots of seating inside and out which gave people plenty of spaces to get away for a quiet chat, important for those older members of the family who are harder of hearing, as well as for those with younger children.

Most of my interior shots are too dark to be worth showing but don't forget to check out the kitchen. Remember FOOD is the second law of genealogy :-)

The huge 58 metre tree was printed on A1 sheets at the local plan printer - thanks to a local engineering office. It wrapped around the room twice. At the end of the Reunion it along with all the Family Group Sheets were donated to the Society of Australia Genealogists for their archives, so those coming after us will have access to the information.

One display was a collection of carved works from their ancestor - which explained where our round frame handed down to us had come from!

Thanks for reading this far, I'll blog about the tour later...

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