Saturday, 27 August 2016

Special Offer for Family History Month 2016

It's the last week of Family History Month in New Zealand. Have you taken up the New Zealand Society of Genealogists offer saving $15 if you join during family history month?

The Society looks very professional (it will be 50 years old next year) and it is easy to forget that nearly everything is done by a volunteer somewhere, services fellow members volunteer to provide other members.

As everyone's research needs are different here is a list of the key ones, in case you are missing one of these great benefits:

1) The Library, the NZSG is one of the few genealogy society libraries in the world that allows postal borrowing of the library's books to members living within NZ. Thanks go to those who have made such decisions in the past as they were well aware that we can't all get to the physical library which is in Panmure (even lots of Auckland members).

The catalogue is fully searchable to members and non members alike.

2) FREE research service. Volunteers who are regulars at the Family Research Centre (FRC) in Panmure offer to look up ALL the resources held by the NZSG on behalf of any member, at not cost. They also offer research advice when you are stuck. When commercially available genealogists charge at least $50 per hour - it doesn't take much to recover your $NZD 87 per year cost of membership to NZ postal addresses, $NZD 102 pa to Australia and Pacific Islands and $NZD 105  to rest of the world.

3) Your subscription contributes to the Society being able to pay for online database access to the Gale Newspapers (UK, USA) and the National Archives (UK) Discovery service - so to individual members there is no cost to view and download these resources (and wills cost 3pds 50p each normally) from where ever you are on the planet,

4) The Certificates Collection - volunteers offer this service from their Northland homes - you don't need to order too many copies to pay for your subscription each year as it only costs you the return postage.

5) The Digital Family History Archive - an online backup service

6) The Remote Film Reader - so you can order microfilm and have them delivered to the FRC where a volunteer will load it into the internet connected film reader and you can view the film from the comfort of your home/office/study/couch/bed/holiday house.

7) Magazine "The New Zealand Genealogist" - 6 issues a year - the only genealogy based magazine produced in New Zealand

8) Discounts from vendors including $72NZD off a world subscription

9) Lookups at Archives NZ - members in our members mailing list will do this for those who ask.

10) Land Research Service (again run out of a members home in the Far North)

11) Free Genealogy Guides online

12) Worldwide, Free promotion of your research interests via the Members Interest Section of the website.

And that is just the top 12 services, so if you have been thinking about it - why not join now and save yourself even more than the $15NZD joining fee...


  1. I joined over 10 years ago, all I got was the magazine. They said I would get more information sent to me. It never came, so I had no idea how to use the services or anything else. I was very disappointed and did not continue my subscription. Sorry for the moan, but not sure I want to try again

  2. What a pity you didn't get the information you were expecting. Did you use any of the services mentioned in the magazine? Go to any meetings held somewhere around the country? A lot has changes in 10 years.

    The website has a lot of collections and data sets mostly for NZ and UK research.

    The research rooms are only just over 10 years old and since 2013 there are free tours, which are attended from around the country so members know more about the over 50,000 research resources that are available and what they can ask the research volunteers to check for them when they are not able to visit in person.

    So maybe it is worth seeing if you can make use of the many services by checking out the website and research rooms before thinking about re-joining.


  3. I've just signed up ! My Dad was a member for a number of years in Wellington.

    1. Great news, welcome to the crowd, the addiction oh and the never ending jigsaw puzzle with no edges and no picture on the box LOL!


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