Free BMD - and the tale of a close DNA match

This week I messaged a DNA match at My Heritage - they are the largest shared cM match I have on my father's paternal line. I had tried to work out their ancestors by first checking Free BMD - one of my favourite index sites to look for birth, death and marriage info for my English connections.

Unusually I couldn't find enough pointers from this site to gather more clues, so messaging was my only option.

When messaging somone for the first time there are a few key points to keep in mind:

the person may not be actively researching their family - they may have tested out of curiousitythey may have just started researching their family and not have a lot of informationthey may be a descendant of unknown parentage and hoping to find their biological familythey may not like to share information with total strangers So my I aim to make first messages: FriendlyShort and sweetonly ask one question, usually about grandparents rather than currently living people's personal information…

Some Genealogy Treasures inside The Internet Archive

What is the Internet Archive
Founded in May 1996, the Internet Archive is a San Francisco based non-profit digital library with the stated mission of "universal access to all knowledge".
It provides free public access to collections of digitized materials, including web sites, software applications/games, music, movies/videos, moving images, and nearly three million public-domain books. 
As of 30 April 2018, its collection topped 44 petabytes. The archive’s key features: Preservation and Access It is even backed up in Alexandria
You can archive your family history stories and trees in PDF 

Advanced Searching
To find Books (both audio and digital) Maps,  SCROLL DOWN

Some suggested search terms:
GenealogyEuropean LibrariesSurnameOccupationBritish SocietyPhillimoreParish Register Collections include National Library of Scotland, FindmypastPERSI, Project Gutenberg

A list of interesting Collections:…

Tips and Tricks - The UK Census

🌳   Read the help 🌳   Search creatively for -  spelling variations -  transcription errors or omissions -  address info via keyword 🌳   Search all sites carrying the record set
It's important to know what information you might find for any one particular census year. So you are not searching on a field that wasn't collected at that time AND so you can be more creative with your keywords. eg: first name Richard keyword Baddow or Lower Green or Galleywood. The various location descriptions for Richard Saveall - who was found indexed at Ancestry as Sareall and at Findmypast as Sarcott.
The information about what was collected for any given UK Census record set is available at both Ancestry and Findmypast. 
Ancestry SCROLL DOWN past the search query information when looking at any one particular census year eg: 1851 UK 

Keep scrolling down to see the "known problems"

Adding a DNA match to your tree
You might like to enter your DNA matches into your trees, I prefer to use Ancestry’s online tree service, in addition it synchronizes with my off-line software (FamilyTreeMaker 2019). Most of my matches are there - but I can add info from the other testing companies and link it back to a matches profile in the Ancestry Tree. You can build a tree for free at Ancestry, MyHeritage (limited to 250 entries) and FTDNA.

There are some assumptions to be acknowledged, before adding information from a DNA match. that the person testing has attached their DNA to the correct place in the tree and that the information for the closest deceased person/s in the tree is correct.
It pays to verify what you can before adding information to you DNA research tree, do note that sometimes you cannot verify this information by usual genealogy means due to privacy restrictions.

To limit transcription errors, it is best to save information directly from a match’s tree to your DNA wor…